Dental implants – hype or have to have

Composed of titanium, dentists use dental implants to restore missing teeth. They place these titanium posts directly into your jawbone, making them permanent. As such, they’re a great option for you if you’ve lost a tooth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Here are some of the key benefits of dental implants. They:

  • are a fixed solution, unlike dentures which can slip and cause discomfort and embarrassment whilst eating and talking
  • are a standalone solution which do not adversely affect neighbouring teeth unlike dentures and bridges, which rely on your surrounding teeth to hold them in place
  • are fused with the jaw bone making them as strong and reliable – the closest thing to natural teeth
  • restore your smile so that you can feel confident
  • are convenient because they do not require a separate cleaning routine and can be cleaned in the same manner as your natural teeth

From an aesthetic standpoint, dental implants look natural. Unless you tell someone, they’ll never know you’re missing a tooth.

The procedure for implants

Most implants are safely inserted by a dental surgeon under local anaesthesia; however, some require general anaesthesia or IV sedation. It’s important to understand that every procedure is different based on the patient’s preferences, needs, the dentist’s experience and the overall oral health of the patient.

This procedure typically involves four steps:

  1. titanium posts are surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as an anchor for a false tooth. The patient is then given a number of weeks or months for healing to occur and for the implant to fuse adequately to the bone
  2. your dental surgeon will check the implant to make sure it has successfully integrated into your jawbone.  and
  3. Your dentist will then connect a post to the implant which will be visible above the gum line. An impression will be taken and sent to the laboratory where the crown will be fabricated.
  4. Return to your dentist for the fabricated crown to be fitted.

If you have a missing tooth and think that dental implants might be the solution to restore your smile, we invite you to make an appointment to discuss your specific circumstances.