Teeth Whitening

Take Home NOW16 Teeth Whitening Offer

Brighten your smile for only $199

Save up to $133

The NOW16 Whitening system enables super-efficient teeth whitening.  The uniquely designed and patented trays are made from medical grade silicone which flexes without distorting.  The multiple finger grips on the inside surface of the trays hold them comfortably in place and ensure the NOW gel is in close contact with your teeth.  These reusable upper and lower trays fit most mouths.

Carbamide Peroxide has been clinically proven to whiten teeth effectively over a period of time with minimal sensitivity providing the instructions are followed. Promotion includes dentist consultation and any X-rays if required to ensure whitening is suitable for each individual.

Once you have had your consultation with the dentist and deemed suitable, the dentist will provide you with your kit, which you take home and custom fit your own trays and apply the whitening gel and leave for 20 minutes. This can be repeated up to 3 times a day until results are achieved. Results will usually occur over 10 days.

Terms and conditions:

  • To redeem this offer, patients must mention the promotion at the time of booking their dental appointment.
  • Teeth whitening is not suitable for all patients, and results can vary.
  • Any additional treatment costs will be discussed with you before being carried out.
  • Promotional offers are subject to appointment availability and are only while stocks last.