Foods to eat for better dental health

Proper nutrition is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile.

To stay healthy and maintain a strong, beautiful smile, it’s very important that you are mindful of your dietary choices. While sugary and acidic foods and drinks can cause damage to the teeth and should be enjoyed in moderation only, there are a few foods that are well worth incorporating into your diet for the sake of your oral health. Read on to learn which foods can actually benefit your smile…

1. Dairy products

Dairy products, and grass-fed products in particular, contain vitamin K2, which is essential for healthy teeth. Another benefit of dairy products like cheese, milk and yoghurt, is that they promote the production of saliva, which helps to protect the teeth from damage. These foods are also high in both calcium and protein, which strengthen the teeth and bones. When choosing dairy products like yoghurt, be sure to select those that do not contain added sugar. Go for natural yoghurt instead and add some fresh fruits and berries for some extra sweetness.

2. Crunchy fruits and veggies

It’s no secret that fresh fruits and vegetable are good for our overall health — they are packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals. But did you know that crunchy and fibrous fruits and veggies are also good for your oral health? When you chew crunchy produce like apples, cucumbers and celery, you boost the production of saliva in your mouth. This helps to wash away leftover food particles and bacteria, plus the fibrous texture scrapes the teeth and keeps them clean.

3. Leafy greens

Leafy greens are packed with nutrients and should ideally form part of any healthy diet. In fact, vegetables like kale and spinach contain a range of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and folic acid. When it comes to your oral health, leafy greens are beneficial because they promote the production of saliva, which keeps your mouth clean and your enamel healthy. They also help in the production of nitrate-producing bacteria in the mouth, which is good for your oral microbiome.

4. Fatty fish

Fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna and trout, is a great addition to any diet because it is so rich in omega-3s and vitamin D. Omega-3s are beneficial for gum health as they help to reduce inflammation. Vitamin D, on the other hand, has been linked to a reduced risk of tooth decay because it works with other vitamins to deliver calcium to the teeth. This, in turn, helps to strengthen the enamel, making it more resistant to decay-causing bacteria.

5. Citrus fruits

As long as they are enjoyed in moderation, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits can help to keep your mouth healthy. It is important to understand that these fruits are acidic, and can cause some damage to the teeth if consumed too often, but when enjoyed from time to time, they can be beneficial to your overall health. These types of fruits are packed with vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the connective tissues and blood vessels in the mouth, slowing down the rate of inflammation that might otherwise cause gum disease.

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